Launching Life's Soundtrack

Launching Life’s Soundtrack

It is here. After 6 years of mulling the idea around of creating a website specifically around the topic of being a parent and artist. We are officially launching.

I’ve probably told hundreds of people about this idea and received a lot of great feedback about its potential benefit to the artistic community. Which has in turn, fueled me to keep going when many things have stalled its progress (having a second child, getting a new job, buying a house, etc).

I should probably go into a little more detail about why I feel a site like this needed to be created. Before I had my first child, I was playing shows regularly and feeling very entrenched in the musical community that is Athens, Ohio. After getting pregnant, for obvious reasons (like being exhausted, shows not starting before 10pm and the looks you get when you are 8mos pregnant at a bar!) I stopped playing shows and was excited to “nest” and prepare for my sweet girl Sofia.

As blissfully happy as I was being a new mother, there was a part of my identity as an artist that had subsided, and I wasn’t fully prepared for how much that would affect me in a negative way. During that time, I took to the internet and libraries thinking, “SURELY another parent musician has felt this way and talked about it somewhere, right?”


There are only a handful of articles here and there over the past 6 years that I have found since searching for some comfort and comraderie around this topic. And in full disclosure, this site is a happy site. A site for inspiration for all of us at various stages of parenting and being an artist. This is NOT a “blame my kids for what ever initiative I currently lack” site. Children are amazing muses, and we have much to learn from them: being bold, brave and full of curiosity.

This site hopes to capture the collective wisdom of many artists who are parents to continue to inspire each other to create our important work. We all know the world can always use more artists, especially those who also happen to be loving parents.