MIA: Lady Rockers

MIA: Lady Rockers

“Where do all the lady rockers go?”

Kelly Ogden asks this very question in her latest blog post. The bassist and front woman of the L.A. based Dollyrots is adjusting to her new role as a mom and professional musician.

The bubble gum punk rock band released their fifth studio album (Arrested Youth/Hunnypot Records), suitably titled Barefoot and Pregnant as Ogden was carrying her first child while recording the album. On their website, Ogden goes on to say:

The phrase Barefoot and Pregnant has some negative connotations. It makes you think of fifties housewives who had no option other than to stay home barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. We feel totally the opposite about pregnancy. It’s an F-U to the idea that when you have a kid your life is over and that’s all women are good for. We’re not afraid to flaunt parenthood and still rock.

It is very refreshing for an artist to be as honest as Kelly is in expressing the feelings of a slight identity crisis upon becoming a parent. Although they are not letting the new role slow them down. Her husband and Dollyrot lead guitarist, Luis Cabezas are planning a tour this fall.

Check out Kelly’s latest blog post in its entirety.