Kasey Jones

Kasey Jones

In November 2014, Life’s Soundtrack had the pleasure of interviewing visual artist and art educator, Kasey Jones. Kasey, who is a native of Youngstown Ohio, says the post-industrious environment of her childhood has deeply affected her current work which focuses on the struggle between humanity and nature.

Kasey has been an artist-in-residence in both Athens, Ohio where she earned her BFA at Ohio University, and in Baltimore where she received her MFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art. A large portion of Kasey’s body of work lies on the walls of the places she has lived, loved and learned.




Her most recent large scale work was in the form of a commission from the National Aquarium in Baltimore Maryland. Jones was commissioned to create a large turtle sculpture, based on the turtle Calypso who lives at the National Aquarium. The sculpture was an interactive project where participants wove over 4,000 plastic bags to make the turtles’¬†outer layers. The project is an effort to raise awareness to how plastics end up in the ocean, and in the stomachs of endangered turtles who often mistake the floating plastic bags for jellyfish.

In addition to being an accomplished artist, Kasey is the mother of a daughter named River Lee. Life’s Soundtrack got some insight into Kasey’s world balancing being a parent and artist.

The most challenging thing is balancing my time. I need to be there for my family, but I
also need to have a creative outlet in order to fuel my passions and goals in life. I am
challenged with not giving up my dreams for my family.

…after having a child I truly understood what having no time meant. When time is limited you have to learn how to maintain immediate focus to¬†perform at a level where you are at maximum creative output.

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